Using Togezzer

Find answers to common questions and learn basics of Togezzer

Inviting colleagues to the workspace

How to invite people when you start using Togezzer or are hiring new employees.


Editing a profile in Togezzer

How to change the name, photo, fill in skills and pick the leader


Change the name and logo of a workspace

You will learn how to change the avatar and name of a space in the admin panel of the Togezzer web version.


Groups in Togezzer

What are groups in Togezzer?

Togezzer has different types of groups, in this article we will tell you what are the differences between them.


Adding people to a group

Creating a new group or editing an already existing group


Request to join this group

If you were not added to the group, but you want to join it


Group create

How to create a group from scratch


Change the roles of group members

Adding new administrators, assigning the “Guest” role


Tasks in Togezzer

Work with tasks

Learn how to work with incoming tasks, schedule the week, track your performance and create tasks


Tracking task changes

What to do if you are not the author of a task, but you need to know about changes of it


Creating task cards

Step-by-step instructions for creating a new task: from chat, Kanban board and from the “Tasks” section


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